Quality Guaranteed.

Our Process

The process of building our cabinetry is unique to Troy’s Wood Specialties, as each cabinet is designed then made by the hands of our skilled production team. Our designers will help with the physical and aesthetic design of your kitchen, bath or any other room you want to put quality custom cabinets. We personally measure your space before we build your cabinets to ensure a proper fit. Each set of cabinets is built specifically for the project it is intended. Our goal is to deliver quality, durable custom cabinets that you will enjoy for many years.



When it comes to building cabinetry, Troy’s Wood Specialties uses a traditional, hands-on process. Unlike commercial cabinetry, our custom line is exactly that-custom. Each part of the process is performed by our skilled employees specifically for your home. Starting with the design, going through production and ending with delivery; each stage allows you to work with real people.

Make Selections

Finalize Plans

Once you have decided to go with us and provide your down payment, we get down to the nitty gritty of the design. We have you come in to one of our showrooms to pick out the door styles and wood type you want your cabinetry to be. We will also have you pick out the stain or paint color, and hardware for your design.


Revisions & Approval

Once all of the selections have been determined, we review so any changes can be made before you sign off on your final design. This step may take several drafts to get the perfect space. Once the plans have been approved and signed, we get them ready for production.

The final steps of the design process is to turn the plans you see into “shop drawings” that our production crew uses to make your cabinets. These plans also include installation instructions and are sent along with your cabinetry in a black Troy’s folder for your installer.

Field Measurements

The Custom Fit

We will have someone come out to your home to do a final field measurement before we start building your cabinetry to ensure an exact, custom fit.

Begin Production

Custom Built

Doors and drawer fronts are cut, fogged, assembled, squared and glued

Finishing Work

Stain Or Paint

Cabinets, doors, drawer fronts and misc pieces (such as crown molding) are stained, sealed, seal sanded, then varnished. Painted cabinets are primed, then painted and sealed, and are seal sanded between each coat.